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Disposable vape LIT 2
Super-Sized LIT 2, Super-Sized Satisfaction

Cilicon® LIT 2 is an innovative disposable Delta 8 THC vape, featuring extra-large capacity and a clog-free top-influx system for satisfying daily use. The Reoregin™ ceramic coil preserves natural flavor, and AutoTemp™ provides intelligent temp control with pillar-cut design, custom window, and metallic finish. Elevate your vaping journey with Cilicon® LIT 2!

  • Dimension(mm)
    102.0H*25.0W*22.0D (4mL)
  • Tank Volume
  • Battery Capacity
  • Output Power
    4mL Version:
    0~3s 9.6W; 3~6s 8.2W; 6-10s 6.8W
    6mL Version:
    High(Default): 5.2W-7.7W
    Low: 4.5W-6W
  • Tank Material
    Food Grade PCTG
  • Central Post
    Medical Grade SUS 316L Stainless Steel
  • Activation
    Inhale/Button Activated
  • Ceramic Coil
    Reoregin™ Heating Coil
  • Charging
    USB Type-C
  • Tip Type
  • Specifications-3A-1 (3)
  • Specifications-3A-2 (3)
An Awesome Adventure with LIT 2
  • LIT 2 Features-1
    Cilicon’s First Extra-Large Delta 8 Disposable Vape

    Meet LIT 2, the extra-large capacity Delta 8 disposable vaping device that offers a super long-lasting and exceptional experience. Perfect for vaping enthusiasts seeking a high-quality experience.

  • lit 2 disposable vape
    All the Time, All the Places

    Experience versatile vaping with Reoregin™ ceramic coil technology and top-influx design that prevents oil clogging. Enjoy button activation and AutoTemp™ smart temperature control for a personalized flavor experience to suit your needs.

  • LIT 2 Features-3
    We Are Here to Make Your Ideas Come Ture

    LIT 2 implements a unique design with a column shape, comfortable grip, and drop-proof to prevent loss. The extra-large customizable oil window and aluminum alloy casing with surface customization presents your brand’s personality and provides rich enjoyment of creativity.

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