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Posh Up for Your Portable Experience

Getting Bored with Your Cylindrical Disposable Vape Pen

Posh Up Your Brand!

Getting Bored with Your Cylindrical Disposable Vape Pen

Posh Up Your Brand!

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All the Features You Need to Know
  • Ultra light
  • Pocket-Size-tu
    Pocket Size
  • Superior-Heating-Capability
    Superior Heating Capability
glist Air1 product
  • Dimension
  • Tank Volume
  • Battery Capacity
  • Output Power
  • Tank Material
    Food Grade PCTG
  • Central Post
    316L Stainless Steel
  • Battery Material
  • Activation
    Inhale Activation
  • Heating Element
    Formatrix™ Ceramic Heating Technology
  • Charging
    Micro USB
  • Tip Type
    Snap In
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Every Part Matters for Your Terpene Profiles

GLIST Air1 is a posh and chic disposable vape with a 0.5mL volume. The cut design not only forms sophisticated visual beauty but is also easy to grip. The finely multi-faceted body avoids the slippage created by the portable size and makes vaping more comfortable with the rounded edge.

Bring GLIST Air1 Satisfy All You Want
  • af0d701c63add06c1245668d6bdd0213_Posh-Look
    Posh Look

    The cut design expresses the differentiated aesthetic value and shapes a chic, posh look. Furthermore, each cut face ends with a rounded edge to ensure a comfortable grip.

  • Pocket-Size
    Pocket Size

    GLIST Air1 has a very simple and recognizable silhouette, reminiscent of crystal-like lines. It fits perfectly into your pocket with its portability and lightness.

  • Environmental-Material
    Environmental Material

    The device body of GLIST Air1 is made of the latest echo-friendly plastic material that is 99% recyclable, being able to support your brand’s sustainability.

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