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ELEV Nano1

The Most Popular 2mL 510 Cartridge for Synthetic Cannabis


Larger Not Only In The Size

Magically Pair. Beautifully Match.

Larger Not Only In The Size

Magically Pair. Beautifully Match.

All the Features You Need to Know
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    Larger Filling Space
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    3.7mm Ceramic Core, Longer Consistency
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    Fits for different 510 battery and diverse synthetic cannabis concentrates
  • Dimension(Press In Version)
    Φ14.0mm*54.5mm (2mL) Φ14.0mm*48.0mm(1.5mL)
  • Dimension(Snap In Version)
    Φ14.00mm*55.5mm (2.0mL)
    Φ14.00mm*56.5mm (3.0mL)
  • Tank Volume
  • Mouthpiece Material
    Food Grade PC
  • Tank Material
  • Central Post
    316L Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic Core
    Formatrix™ Ceramic Heating Technology
  • Tip Type
    Press In/Snap In
Find the Right 510 Cartridge for Synthetic Cannabis Concentrates

ELEV Nano1 sets a standard for how large volume, synthetic cannabis oil, and consistent vaping experience should feel. With a Larger 4.0mm Formatrix™ ceramic heating coil, ELEV Nano1 is incredibly easy to use and ready to dominate as usual

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    Larger-Size Volume Without Waste

    The vertical medical grade stainless steel central tube and V shape oil tank design allow as much as cannabis concentrates can be vaped without waste even in larger volumes.

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    The Result Speaks for Itself

    Create an extra-smooth and consistent vaping experience with the latest Formatrix™ ceramic heating technology.

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    Enhanced Convenience

    ELEV Nano1 makes the filling process easier than ever. Spacefill™ design maximally provides you the largest filling space without considering needle size.

Multiple Options Available for ELEV Nano1
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ELEV Nano1

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