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  • PART I : What is DeliFlow™?

    DeliFlow™ is the next-gen ceramic cool-heating technology that revolutionizes the way you enjoy your favorite oils. Designed to deliver an exceptional vaping experience, DeliFlow™ features an innovative postless design, making it completely metal-free and cotton-free. The ultra-wide heating surface accelerates oil transfer speed by an impressive 50%, bringing faster vaporization in just 0.1 second. Prepare to be captivated by the pure and authentic flavors that DeliFlow™ delivers with every puff!

    Deliflow Cermaic Core
  • PART II : Cool-Heating Tech, Next-Gen Experience

    The DeliFlow™ ceramic heating technology represents the next generation of powerful cool-heating system, delivering an unparalleled experience tailored for premium oils and the ultimate flavor restoration.

    Deliflow Cermaic Core
  • PART III : 50% Speed Boost, Industry Breakthrough Surpassed

    The ultra-wide heating surface of DeliFlow™ boasts an impressive 50% increase in oil transfer speed and allows for more intelligent and even heating. Every puff is a taste sensation where the perfect balance of flavors dances across your taste buds.

    Deliflow Cermaic Core
  • PART IV: 0.1S Vapor Burst, Intense Thrill Savored

    Experience the magic of DeliFlow™ as big, dense and flavorful vapor bursts forth in a mere 0.1 second, captivating your senses from the very first puff to the last. Say goodbye to waiting and embrace the thrill of instant satisfaction.

    Deliflow Cermaic Core
  • PART V: Safety Elevated, Enjoyment Enhanced

    Experience a new era of cannabis consumption with our innovative post-less design. Completely metal-free and cotton-free, it prioritizes user safety while enhancing the overall experience. Get ready to embrace a new level of purity and satisfaction.

    Deliflow Cermaic Core
Deliflow Cermaic Core Deliflow Cermaic Core Deliflow Cermaic Core Deliflow Cermaic Core Deliflow Cermaic Core
  • Natural

    Revitalize your vaping experience with the powerful cool-heating system, while embracing a metal-free and cotton-free sensation through the innovative postless design.

  • Fast

    Unlock unparalleled efficiency with the ultra-wide heating surface, accelerating oil transfer speed by an impressive 50% for rapid vaporization in just 0.1 second.

  • Explosive

    Indulge in a superior cannabis consumption experience, entering a new era of purity and satisfaction like never before.

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