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Blog 丨 2022.07.23

Uncovering The 4 Popular Cannabis Oil Filling Machine Providers

As cannabis has been legalized since 2018 the United States, cannabis products have gained much popularity among consumers. Cannabis users have different methods of consuming cannabis. Some include consuming cannabis in gummy form, cigarettes (smoking pot), dab rig, and a vaporizer. One of the most preferred consumption methods is cannabis vaping because of how it provides the consumer’s practicality and discreetness. It is practical because the cannabis vape device is extremely user-friendly. Most cannabis vaporizers can be activated by pressing a button or directly inhaling through the mouthpiece. Meanwhile, the discreetness of a cannabis vaporizer is attributed to how it often comes in a small size, that also improves its portability and convenience in use.

Cannabis vaporizers work by radiating heat from their heating core to turn the cannabis inside the oil tank into vapor. This cannabis can be in the form of dry herb, extracts with higher viscosity or cannabis oil. Aside from sourcing a premium material, a cannabis vaporizer manufacturer should know how to appropriately assemble a cannabis vape device. One of the crucial operations during the assembly stage is the cannabis oil filling process, which can be done manually through hand filling by the operators. However, many cannabis vaporizer manufacturers nowadays usually partner with cannabis oil filling machine providers to achieve a more effective filling process. Not to mention, it is also likely to reduce erroneous processes.

Now that we know the importance of the cannabis oil filling process, Cilicon is here to curate the popular 4 American cannabis oil filling machine providers that you may consider as your manufacturing partner.

1. Vape-Jet

vape jet.png

1.1 General Information

Vape-Jet manufactures and distributes hand-built automated filling machines throughout the United States and Canada. This manufacturer is also expanding to Puerto Rico, Columbia, and Japan. Allocating up to 10% of their budget on R&D efforts makes Vape-Jet one of the most innovative oil-filling machine manufacturers. Vape-Jet continually come up with new ideas by focusing on data collection to obtain information on the repetitive process that can be automated to improve production efficiency.

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1.2 Products

1.2.1 Vape-Jet 4.0 Fully Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine

Fully Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine.png

Some of the machine’s notable features: 

1.2.2 Jet Fueler 2.0 Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine.png

This semi-automated filling machine features: 

1.2.3 Squish-o-Matic 1000 Cartridge Capping Machine 

Squish-o-Matic 1000 Cartridge Capping Machine.png


1.3 Unique Selling Points

-Proactive Support 

Vape-Jet’s technical team manages all Vape-Jet machine in the field, reviews data and analyzes configurations to provide guidance on optimizing performance.

-Remote Access for Installations & Troubleshooting

Each Vape-Jet 4.0 cartridge filling machine is embedded with an internal overview camera to conduct remote training, showcase real-time operation data, and other supports from the machine engineers.

-One-year warranty and same-day business support with a 15-minute response time.

2. CDA Filling and Labeling Service 


2.1 General Information

CDA has been manufacturing automated and semi-automated filling and labeling machines as well as completed packing lines that have served different industries. CDA’s machines are well-known for their reliability, user-friendliness, durability, and value for money.

2.2 Products

2.2.1 K-One


2.2.2 Piston Cart

Piston Cart.png

2.2.3 K-Net


2.2.4 K-Net Auto

K-Net Auto.png

2.2.5 K-Line S

K-Line S.png

2.3 CDA Unique selling points

3. Cooljarz


3.1 General Information

The first American cannabis packaging and product filling machine manufacturer that has distributed over 200 exclusive cannabis packaging products, including child-safe ones. Being in the injection industry for years, Cooljarz has also been specializing in manufacturing cannabis cartridge filling machines.

3.2 Products

3.2.1 A10-Hotshot 750 & 1500 Cannabis Vape Device’s Cartridge Filling Machine

Cartridge Filling Machine.png


3.2.2 A-10 Filler Precision Cartridge Filling Machine

A-10 Filler Precision Cartridge Filling Machine.png

3.3 Cooljarz Unique selling points

4. Convectium


4.1 General Information

Convectium specializes in improving the efficiency of cannabis post-harvest and extraction activities. Renowned as the first American-designed filling and capping machines, Convectium can help automate the overall production workflow. Not to mention, they also produced a sophisticated pre-roller machine that can help reduce labor costs.

4.2 Products

4.2.1 710 Shark Filling Machine

710 Shark Filling Machine.png

Some of the notable components are:

This component protects the cannabis oil that is being processed and helps regulate the heat inside the system.

The needles that pump oil to the cartridges are housed in a needle plate. Therefore, they can be switched halfway through the filling process, which prevents potential leaks on the top part of the needle.

A premium air cylinder creates a smoother movement of the machine that hinders any cannabis oil loss during the filling process because of the sudden vibration.

This component allows for a more hygiene filling process. It also removed any drip during the change of cartridges.

CaptainH100 Capping Machine

4.3 Convectium Unique selling points

-Convectium offers a 1 year of full warranty, including components and on-site labor provision. The customers also can negotiate for an extended warranty.

-A typical operator can expect to fill and cap up to 6,000 cartridges in an hour with Convectium’s machines.

-Convectium provides a consultation service for their customers, encompassing product formulation, production SOP, full-service branding, and optimization of fill-to-cap time.

-Partner with an award-winning co-packing manufacturer, Bear Flag, specializing in cannabis products, such as pre-rolls, cartridges, and tinctures.

Choose Your Cannabis Oil Filling Manufacturing Partner Tactfully

Now that we know there are plenty of cannabis oil filling machine providers in the market, a cannabis vaporizer business owners can begin with identifying their needs, production scale, and also budget to determine which provider is the most suitable for their capacity. This report is made for the cannabis vaporizer to weight the value of each provider before making any decision.

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